Coffee With A Conscience

Every once in a while you watch a short film that reaffirms your faith in humanity.  Yoshi’s Blend does this and more.  Here is a coffee artisan, a man who is as passionate about grinders and beans, as he is about his country Japan.

After the devastating earthquake and tsunami that ravaged the north-eastern part of the country, Yoshi felt compelled to help his people - “whatever we can do we should do.”

So he kitted out his VW van as a mobile coffee shop bringing warmth, normalcy and gramophone music to some of the most devastated areas of Japan. 

Brewing coffee offered him the chance to “bring the coffee grinders, beans and the scene that is normal to them and to me even though the area is devastated.”

Yoshi firmly believes that “our human voice is stronger than the tsunami.”  His Hope Cafe - Coffee With A Cause, becomes almost a drop-in centre for those struggling to come to terms with what happened to their lives so shockingly and abruptly.

Mackenzie Sheppard’s film has stark but beautiful imagery of Yoshi driving his yellow and white VW van through twisted and torn grey landscapes.  It’s a simple, striking and inspiring story.