Alone in Iceland from André Öberg on Vimeo.

Best viewed in HD & Full-screen with sound.

Alone, I drove almost 3.500Km, hiked around 100km, met lots of people and have seen unbelievable landscapes. Putting those 19 days in four minutes and a half was the most difficult part.
Travelling to Iceland is an overwhelming life experience, and I definitely want to come back.

- Canon 7D
- Canon 17-55mm 2.8
- Canon 50mm 1.4
- GoPro Hero 3 (only used in the car shots)

God is an Astronaut - Loss

Special Thanks to:
Joe Capra (The Midnight Sun), Klara Harden (Made in Iceland) and Eric Hines (Expedition Iceland) for inspiring me with their work.
Michael Levy for the International Photographer’s Map (Indispensable for this trip ). Isabela Ramos for the HUGE help in Providence (Valeu Tutu).
Fred Ekblad for the help in Laugavegurinn (I want to see your shots, man).
And all the friendliest people of Iceland.