How geopolitics has affected cheese production in Russia.

In this short by Ben Garfield he captures the story of a Oleg Sirota, once an IT businessman now a cheesemaker.  Sirota now holds the desire to corner the Russian cheese market after sanctions on western cheese imports were imposed.  As Garfield comments to Nowness "Oleg’s story seems to bring out conflicting reactions in people. There’s an instinct to support a dreamer who’s going all in, even when the odds are stacked against him. But there’s also a concern about the way he’s profiting from the fractured relationship between east and west, and a fear that his nationalist views may be dangerous."

 As Oleg states "There's a bulldozer at the border near Belgorod that is crushing Italian gorgonzola and that bulldozer is my ally." Either way it's an extraordinary film.